What was your opinion of CRASH?

Below are excerpts from two movie critics’ opinions of the movie CRASH.   Would you say that your opinion falls closer to one or the other of these reviews — or somewhere else entirely?

Please write no less than 4 LINES as you express your opinion of the movie CRASH.

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Mr. Cooke

“…although Haggis’ sharp, surprisingly witty script admits there are no easy answers, it holds out hope that it’s possible to change hateful behavior.” — Chris Hewitt, St. Paul Pioneer Press

Haggis brilliantly constructs his screenplay, giving each character an arc and balancing the many storylines successfully, but the relentless nature of the subject matter and the high-pitched level of intensity quickly turns Crash into a preachy, soapbox movie. ” — Jeffrey M. Anderson, Combustible Celluloid

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~ by mistercooke on Sunday, November 12, 2006.

19 Responses to “What was your opinion of CRASH?”

  1. My opinion falls closer to the first excerpt written by Chris Hewitt. The movie “Crash” exposes us to all the different possibilities in a multicultural society, and how those affected by the various situations cope. I liked how all the questions we asked at the beginning of the film were answered by the end. The film showed a different perspective on how we perceive everyday people and life. It really got the point across of how everyone is connected no matter what race you are.

  2. The movie does have an interesting “bookending” quality to it, which means that, as you said K.R., issues or ideas raised at the beginning of the story are ‘re-introduced’ to close off the story. Thus it is like the things people put on either end of a bookshelf to contain their books…
    Thanks for writing.
    ~Mr. Cooke

  3. In my oppinion about the movie Crash was closer to Jeffrey M. Anderson. I liked the movie, I thought it was well put together and made. The only problem I had with the movie was after watching it acouple more times, I found that it was just showing that no matter how many bad or good people in the world and no matter what some good deeds people do… the world won’t change. Life went on as nothing had happened for most of the characters.

  4. Sacha, you’re right. The movie has been criticized for being quite “dark” and bleak because it offers no solution to the problem of racism in our world.


  5. I really like the movie alot .I think that the movie made a big impact on the people that have watched it and learned that they have to except people that are a different rasis and not stereotype them they should get to know who they really are before the judge them. alot of the people in the movie didn’t get to know them who the people really were like the cop when he was talking to the nurse he just heard her name and hung up.

    Peace out

  6. I think this movie has a special significance perhaps for Canadians because in some parts of Toronto, for example, there are people from over 100 different countries all living next to each other. Is it too cheesy to say “We all have to learn to get along?” I don’t know…
    Thank you for writing,
    Mr. C

  7. I liked the movie for what it was. In our society, or big cities, those problems (racism, robbery etc) are happening everywhere. We all can be racist sometimes, without knowing. Like the Attornety’ wife, she didn’t think she was a bossy person or a racist. I think this movie has more meaning and we like it more because wasn’t the director or producer was from around here and went to school in London. It really makes us feel proud to be apart of our community and the talent around us, can make such a impact around us.


  8. Personally I really enjoyed the movie. I liked the way that the writer linked different characters to one another. I found the most powerful scene in the movie to be when the shop owner tries to shoot the lock smith and the child jumps in the way. This scene, along with others, showed how ignorant some people can be. Personally, I would have cast some of the roles differently (No names named) but other than that, I thought the movie was done incredibly well.

  9. Sarah~
    You’re right. The director, Paul Haggis, is from London originally and attended, I believe, Beal Secondary School. I agree that having a local Canadian write and direct such a powerful movie adds a special layer of meaning for us.

    Thanks for writing,
    Mr. C

  10. Joe~
    I, too, found that scene very powerful, particularly because I now have a young daughter. In fact, I find that scene difficult to watch.

    I also would not have chosen some of the cast members, particularly Brendan Fraser as the District Attorney. I just didn’t feel that he was… emotionally real, if that makes sense. I did think that Sandra Bullock, an actress I usually don’t enjoy, gave a powerful performance.

    Thanks for writing,
    Mr. C

  11. for the most part i agree with Jeffrey M. Anderson as the movie is combining great screenplay with an eqaully good storyline for an overall success. i think the movie is alright and the message is clear and straight forward but in the end it seems like it’s saying everyones a racist no matter what and you can’t change it. for example the cop who complains his partners a racist person, in the end murders a person and previously was uttering racist stereotypes, so the only person that had been established as not being a racist indeed is. other than that i pretty much agree with Jeffrey M. Anderson and enjoyed the movie.

    I guess in America racism is a problem that is rampant and perhaps much more visible than in Canada. I believe the movie had a profound impact upon many, many people there.
    Thanks for writing,
    Mr. C.

  12. I enjoyed watching the movie. Out of those two opinions I would side with Chris Hewitt in saying that this movie shows there is no easy answer for racism but there is always hope for change. The characters were interesting to follow, especially when you realize the entire film only spans over one day.

    I personally think the script is a pretty amazing accomplishment because it packs so much into just that one day or so.
    Thanks for writing,
    Mr. C

  13. I thought the movie was good, I would have to agree with Chris Hewitt, on how racism is a big problem in society, but there is hope in changing the world but it’s not going to happen over night. The thing that I found interesting is how everyone was steriotypical to a race, maybe not at the start of the movie but by the end they all had a part in racism.

    I also liked the way racism and intolerance are problems that everyone contributes to sometimes.
    Thanks for writing,
    Mr. C.

  14. The movie was good or i thought so. The problem of racism is a big one. it may be not as big of factor in a small town like ours. I felt that this movie tryed to show that even though peoplecan change or they complain about racism they may be racist themselves.

    I agree. Unfortunately, it is not hard to be impatient and intolerant of other people (no matter what they look like) just because our lives are so busy and filled with pressure. But, as you said, the flipside is, hopefully, people can change.
    Thanks for writing,
    Mr. C.

  15. I agree with Chris Hewwitt who thinks that racism is a huge problem and hopefully it can change. I found it intreasting that by the end of the movie everybody was a racist no matter what colour there skin was.

    I wonder if people living in Canada experience similar problems… I would like to think that our country is different somehow… I would also like to think that, as you pointed out, people can change for the better…
    Thanks for writing,
    Mr. C.

  16. I would tend to agree with Chris Hewitts views on the movie “Crash”. There will always be negaitve views on people whether they are racial, personal, or physical. If there is a difference in any human, someone will find a way to discriminate them. there is a ray of hope though. and this movie shows glimpses of that. Our world can relate to this movie in that people can always change and that is what gives us hope.

    Unfortunately, I agree with both parts of your comment, in that people are capable of being constructive or destructive, and as I mentioned in a previous comment, our lives are so hectic that we sometimes a) don’t even realize we’re being insensitive or b) we just to vent or unload on someone to make ourselves feel better and many times, it is the wrong person.
    Thanks for writing,
    Mr. C.

  17. I agree with Chris Hewitt’s review. The writer shows hope that it is possible to change hateful behaviour. THe movie Crash shows the racial problems that effect the world today. It is lettnig everyone see all the problems in todays societies.

  18. I don’t entirely agree with either one of these critics’. I do agree more with Chris Hewitt’s because this movie really showed all the issues that are going on in our world everyday. We see how what we do affects others eventhough we don’t know it. It shows us that with all the bad things that happen there is still a lot of good that shines through the bad, which was describes as hope.

  19. I really liked this movie beacause it showed different points of views on different races and it showed how people stereotype them and it compairs the reality of how they behave. I think people only stereotype because they want to be better than them and make those people of different colour/races feel less like people. This movie has a good lesson and I’d watch this movie anytime.

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