ASSIGNMENT CHOICE #6: Unforgettable?

NOTE: Choose only TWO of these short answer questions.

Wagon of bodies 

What scenes from the book did you find unforgettable, interesting, shocking, brutal, boring, etc.?

Please write at least 5 sentences in your response.


Did you express some interesting ideas = connection between real life and the book; personal connections or emotions, etc.

Answer displays little use of connections and little thought on the subject.

Answer displays some use of connections and some thought on the subject.

Answer makes considerable use of connections and displays considerable thought on the subject.

Answer makes extensive use of connections and displays extensive thought on the subject.


1 2 3 4

5 6 7

8 9 10

11 12 13 14 15





Transitions between ideas and sentences.

Answer is full of errors.

Not very easy to follow.

Little use of transitions.

Answer is somewhat error-free.

Somewhat easy to follow.

Some use of transitions.

Answer is mostly error-free.

Easy to follow.

Considerable use of transitions.

Answer is totally error-free or has very few errors. Very easy to follow.

Extensive use of transitions.


1 2

3 4 5

6 7 8

9 10


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8 Responses to “ASSIGNMENT CHOICE #6: Unforgettable?”

  1. In my opinion I think that Elie painted a very clear picture of just how cruel humans can be and it has left an imprint on my mind. As I read this story i was in complete shock of how these men, women and children had been treated. These people were stripped of every human beings rights and were treated as nothing more than animals. The most shocking part of this story for me was just how strong these people were and how they were willing to work many grueling hours everyday in the bitter cold, not knowing if they were going make it through the next selection. These poeple did what ever it took to survive and make it to freedom. Some may have given up, some decided to turn their backs on everyone and then there were those who tried to help others survive day to day with encouraging words and gestures.

  2. when he was describing how he lost his father. and how self centered some people can be. how the jewish people came together and watched out for eachother, in the beginning.

  3. One worse part I can think of (out of so many brutal parts) is when the officers killed an “escapee”/ villian in front of a large crowd to show what happens if you do something stupid that will gat you in trouble. I could never imagine seeing someone shot in front of my own eyes.

  4. I found it shocking how incredibly inhuman these people became. He mentioned in the book how one boy fought his own father for a small piece of bread. It is terrifying how numb these people became emotionally. They were treated so much like animals that they started to act like animals, doing what they could for themselves alone to survive. They were so deprived of food and water that that was all they were able to think about, along with surviving. With these three thoughts always in their heads, they were probably unable to think of their families, rather than not caring anymore.

  5. Shocking how he was describing how he saw his father basically die, when the lady was screaming about her “premonition” of the fire and the chimney.

  6. It was shocking and unforgetable no one should ever forget because once we forget it could happen again.I was shocked that people could be that cruel to another human being. For something as small as there religion.

  7. I think that this was a sad time in our history. We can never forget what happen in those camps just to make sure that this never happens again. I think that it was wrong to discriminate on somebody just because of there religion

  8. i found it shocking at how the Germans were nice a polite to the Jwes at first. They acted like nothing bad was going to happen to them, but then they turn around and are completely inhuman towards them. Its just surprising because everyone thinks they know what went on then but we really have no idea, but i think that by reading this book it gives us a better understanding of that time.

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